Soft Matter Canada 2018

This symposium, on June 4 2019, is part of the CAP Congress (June 3 - 7, 2019) and highlights recent developments in soft and biological matter research. We invite contributions of theoretical, experimental, and computational studies of structural and dynamical properties complex soft materials, including (bio)-polymers, colloids, active and living matter.


  • James Harden (University of Ottawa,
  • Joerg Rottler (University of British Columbia,

Invited Speakers

  • John Bechhoefer (SFU)
  • Kari Dalnoki-Verress (McMaster)
  • Hendrick de Haan (OIT)
  • An-Chang Shi (McMaster)
  • Anton Zilman (University of Toronto)
  • Cecile Fradin (McMaster)
  • Sabrina Leslie (McGill)
  • Anand Yethiraj (MUN)